Saturday Sampling May 12, 2012

Saturday Sampling May 12, 2012

Here is a sampling of some posts from this past week that inspired me, educated me, or made me think.

Do you think I missed anything significant?  I try to look for variety.  Can you help me with that?  Please post any of your recommendations below so we can all benefit!

Time Cover Sells Out Mothers To Sell Magazines

It is so frustrating when the media manipulates information and takes extremes to pit mothers against one another. This article provides some information to balance some of what is presented in the Time article

Sexual Dysfunction: The Escalating Price of Abusing Porn

This entirely secular blog post explores the consequences of using porn.  Time for us to wake up to the repercussions of this industry.  I love it when secular research aligns with what we know is right from God’s word.

God, Gay Marriage, and Democrats

I am not a democrat, but I hate it when people lump people together in huge groups only to write them off so I was still afraid to read this article until I realized that the title was a ploy to pull in readers. So glad I did.  Short and to the point, it certainly gives us something to think about.

Mom: Prayer, Pure Sweetness, and No Nudity Involved

Ok, I enjoyed this blog post very much, but I also wanted a chance to introduce you to this author.  She wrote Angry Conversations With God, which I think can be very helpful for people in certain stages of their faith development.  I appreciate the space the books gives to people to work through their issues and eventually move on…with their faith intact.

How to Miss a Childhood

“Wow” is all a friend posted after reading this article from my facebook page.  Wow, is write…and “ouch”.

Relationships and Grief

Ever wonder how males and females grieve differently?  This post explores some of these dynamics.

Oh, Portland. You’re Silly

I love highlighting a missionary each week.  I so enjoyed stumbling on this new missionary blog through a friend.  I think you will enjoy it, too!