Saturday Sampling April 14, 2012

Saturday Sampling April 14, 2012

Here is a sampling of some posts from this past week that inspired me, educated me, or made me think.

Do you think I missed anything significant?  I try to look for variety.  Can you help me with that?  Please post any of your recommendations below so we can all benefit!


Dear Trayvon’s Mother

This post is moving and a challenge to the stereotyping and prejudice that is inherent and woven throughout our society.


Ask A Pentecostal…(Response)

The gifted and brilliant Jonathan Martin answer questions about a oft misunderstood movement.


Why We Can All Opt Out of the “War on Women”

Rachel Held Evans writes a post on the Her-meneutics blog regarding the recent disputes between women and how we can opt out.


My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dissertation

No matter what projects you are writing…if you are a writer you will enjoy the honest tips provided here.


Your Children Want YOU

A moving post that stands in the face of the “perfect mom”.  Your children do not want a perfect mom.  They want YOU.


Another Adoption Update

Amy shares about their journey to adopt.  Parents on this journey will appreciate her transparency and willingness to share her heart.


Healing Hands Global

Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams are medication missionaries in Honduras.  What they are doing there is nothing short than being the hands and feet of Christ.  Jon and our oldest daughter have had the honor of visiting their home and ministry in Honduras.  Although their last post is quite some time ago you can read about their daily ministry on their blog or learn more about their ministry here.