Saturday Sampling March 31, 2012

Saturday Sampling March 31, 2012

Here is a sampling of some posts from this past week that inspired me, educated me, or made me think.

Do you think I missed anything significant?  I try to look for variety.  Can you help me with that?  Please post any of your recommendations below so we can all benefit!


How To Know If You Are A Controlling Person

People often justify mind reading.  Donald Miller does a nice job of revealing the controlling nature behind it.  Also check out his post on conflict here.


Is Social Networking Destroying Marriages?  5 Tips to Protect Your Marriage

Practical advice for how to protect your marriage from the threats of social media.


The Wonderment of Baptism

A minister marvels at the messiness and ministry of baptism.


Are You Experienced?  Excellence, Exclusion, and the Hollywoodization of the church

My friend from California, Maylin, uses her own experience to offer a critique of the church’s pursuit of excellence.  It is remarkable how similar her job searching experience was both in the secular world and in the church.  Also read a honest post by her here.


Hunger for the Hunger Games: Why We Need Dystopian Tales

Looking for Christian responses to the Hunger Games?  Check out this blog by Christianity Today and also Rachel Held Evans blog here.


Does God Care About Sports?

And, as I read all the posts about the basketball games tonight I thought some of you might enjoy this post by Scot McKnight.  As a former athlete, I appreciate his heart here.