Saturday Sampling March 24, 2012

Saturday Sampling March 24, 2012

Here is a sampling of some posts from this past week that inspired me, educated me, or made me think.

Do you think I missed anything significant?  I try to look for variety.  Can you help me with that?  Please post any of your recommendations below so we can all benefit!

In Which I Have An Evangelical Hero Complex

Yes, yes, yes.

My Girl and God

I simply love the space that this writer makes for people.

Fifteen Years of Longsuffering

Mother, psychologist, humanitarian, living in Laos.  Read about what Lisa McKay is learning and writing on her son’s cast.

Comfort Zone Camp: Grieve.  Heal. Grow.

Anna shares about a powerful camp that her daughter attended after losing her brother.

It’s Time To Come Inside

I enjoy reading how Mike uses fathering (or parenting) imagery to express his own relational journey with God.

Why Down’s Syndrome Is So Important

A beautiful capture of God’s ways through what so many refer to as imperfect or lacking.  Kelly puts value to the unvalued…not much more Christlike can a person get.

Cultivating a Heart for Holiness

The part that grabbed me in this essay was when Cheryl talks about holy people having the power of attraction while at the same time having an “otherness that can be somewhat disconcerting”. It made me want to keep reading to find out what I can do to cultivate this in my own life.

Love and Perspective

Read about how one woman sparked a ministry to other women in prison that was so needed.  Powerful and challenging.

10 Tips for Transitioning New 6th Graders Into Your Student Ministry

Student pastor extraordinaire, Jared Waldrop, shares some practical and important tips.

Engaging the Hunger Games

And, finally…wanting some direction about how to talk about The Hunger Games from a faith perspective?  Here are some ideas…Thanks, Rachel!