Let Go

Let Go

I turn 40 tomorrow. I had a friend ask me the other night what I had learned in my 20’s and 30’s. I struggled to answer. Instead in my mind I came up with one-sentence responses.

In my 20’s….”Hold On.”

In my 30’s…”Keep Going.”

Life comes at you fast and furious in your twenties. College, graduate school, relationships. I held shame for various moments of time during that decade for decisions I made. I should have been more careful. Wiser. Kinder. Thoughtful. What was I thinking?

Looking back, I am able to hold that 20 something year old young woman in my mind and realize…I’m not sure if people in their 20’s think much, you know? Ha! What do you do? You hold on…and then you keep going.

And somewhere in all of that holding and going, beautiful, gracious things happen despite us.

We aren’t victims to our context, but we are players within it.

Now that I am turning 40 I wonder what the one-sentence lesson will be for this decade. I think I can feel it on the tip of my tongue.

“Let go.”

We aren’t victims to our context, but we are players within it.

I think somewhere in my upbringing I learned that hard work plus the right decisions turns up the right results. That is a very, very nice belief. AND, it is a very, very noble idea to which to aspire. I still like it. I just don’t think it is the whole truth. It is a very, very individualistic idea…the human being, the SELF, holds the total power in this formula. It really is all up to US. Work hard and be wise and you will be fine. I’m not so sure anymore. I stopped being sure a long time ago. And, also? Who really works perfectly and is perfectly wise anyway? Not me.

We aren’t victims to our context, but we are players within it.

And, here is this ironic, intriguing, oh so important thing, friend. When we realize that we are not as powerful, not as responsible, not as IN CHARGE as we would like to think…or as others would like to think…when we really are able to TRUST and RELAX and SURRENDER and LET GO…that is the moment, the season when we get unstuck. That is when we stop being rigid. That is when flexibility and wisdom and magic happen.

I have had several people tell me that I am going to love my 40’s. I believe it. I already do! I am full of anticipation. Who wouldn’t be when your sassy, twenty-something Puerto Rican friend starts your birthday by telling you that you are “24 Karat Magic”.

SURE, I had to look it up, but hashtag blessed, y’all.

(Now YOU are going to look it up, aren’t you? You ARE. I know it. No shame, friend. No shame. Such a fun song. Please, dance for me while you listen, ok?)