Keep Going Don't Stop

Keep Going Don’t Stop

This weekend I hit a wall of discouragement and was blinded by tears of exhaustion.  The slightest effort felt like moving through molasses.

I won’t lie.

I’m a mom.

I’m a human being.

I get tired.

I feel like calling it quits.

Whatever “it” is.

Maybe I can’t do this.

Maybe I’m crazy to ever think I could.

As my day got started I received a text message asking for parents to come cheer on their daughters as they ran their first practice 5K leading up to their big race day for Girls on the Run.

So at the end of the day I loaded up the other three children and showed up tired, but excited to cheer for my sweet girl on a beautiful fall day.

That’s when I spotted this sign that her coach had written on the sidewalk.

And this one.
And this one.

And this.

And this.

As I cheered on my daughter I blinked back tears realizing how much I needed these words, too.

I’m on the team that has worked hard to bring Girls on the Run to our community.  I wanted this incredible thing for my own girls.

I wonder if part of me needed it, too.

I wonder how often we work hard to provide things for our children that deep down we know we need to be giving to ourselves.

I cheered for my daughter today and remembered that I need to cheer for the little girl that still lives inside of me, too.

We also need each other.

Don’t forget to run alongside of some people today.

I watch how much my little girl lights up in response to the girls and women who are running with her these days and I realize how I light up when people “run alongside” of me, too.  I want to be that for for others.  We all need running buddies.

Keep going. Don’t stop. You’ve got this.